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Flower Care

The flowers can last forever with proper care! Please read below for proper care instructions:

  • The flowers are made of wood and as a natural material can mold or mildew if stored improperly. Keep your flowers protected from water, out of high humidity environments, and do not store them in enclosed containers.
  • Flowers should not be exposed to the elements; make sure to keep wreaths indoors, under cover, or behind storm doors.
  • Avoid displaying dyed flowers in direct sunlight as the colors may fade with time.
  • You may dust the flowers lightly by using a can of compressed air at a distance or a hair dryer set to low/cool.
  • Bent flowers can be gently reshaped with a bit of warm water; dry the area thoroughly afterwards with a hair dryer on low/cool.
  • To avoid stains/bleeding colors, keep preserved greeneries away from moisture and high humidity.

Scenting Instructions

Essential oils can be applied to the flowers to create realistic scents that last a long time. To avoid discoloration of the petals, use a pipette to deliver the oil deep into the center of the petals, or lightly dab the scent on the underside of the flower. Repeat as needed to maintain your desired level of fragrance. Avoid getting the oil on the preserved or dried greenery as it may cause the color to run.